From 'Chasing the Dragon' to 'Chinezen': the Diffusion of Heroin Smoking in the NetherlandsLINK-58335-FROM CHASING THE DRAGON TO CHINEZEN.htm


We wish to thank Frans Leenders and Jeannette Verveen from the Boumanhuis Alcohol and Drug Foundation in Rotterdam and Tineke Hartgers, Roel Coutinho and Anneke van den Hoek from the Municipal Health Service, Department of Public Haelth and Environment in Amsterdam for sharing the data upon which chapter four is based.

Charles Kaplan of the Social Psychiatry Department, State University of Limburg is thanked for initiating this study and his constructive review of earlier drafts of this report.

Thanks are due to Hendrik Huizer of the Ministery of Justice's Forensic Science Laboratory, Section for Illicit Drugs, in Rijswijk for his assistance in preparing the section on the characteristics of illegal heroin, and to Ruurd Jellema of the Amsterdam Municipal Police Laboratory for showing some of the procedures involved in testing seized drugs.

For their valuable comments and suggestions, we wish to thank Dirk Korf of the Drug Research Unit, University of amsterdam, Paul van Gelder of the Anthropological Sociological Centre, University of Amsterdam; Marcel de Kort of the Department of Social History, erasmus University Rotterdam; and Paul Griffiths of the Addiction Research Unit, National Addiction Centre in London, England.

This study was supported by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research and the Ministery of Public Health, Welfare and Culture, Deparetment of Alcohol, Drug and Tobacco Policy.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1 Drug self-administration routes
1.2 Drug self-administration routes as rituals
1.3 The study: Ritual as main theoretical concept and methodology
1.4 nature and contents of the report
1.5 references
2. Chasing heroin and cocaine. A basic description
2.1 Chasing heroin
2.2 Chasing cocaine
2.3 References
3. The diffusion of the chasing ritual in the Netherlands
3.1 A theoretical diffusion model of the spread of chasing in the Netherlands
3.2 Primary diffusion of the chasing ritual
3.3 Secondary diffusion of the chasing ritual
3.4 References
4. The relations between heroin use onset date and current injecting drug use: Changes over time from ± 1970 to 1990
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Methods
4.3 Results
4.4 References
5. The changing Dutch Heroin Culture: Past, Present, Future
5.1 Summary of the findings
5.2 Discussion
5.3 Conclusions
5.4 References

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