Rapid Assessment and Response method for substance use and addiction

Harm reduction initiatives improve the lives of people using drugs, but the problems that they are facing differ from country to country, region to region, city to city, even from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. Initiatives that work well in one setting cannot be simply implemented in another setting.
Besides different local situations, health problems pop up instantly and can change rapidly over time. Many public health problems require a quicker response than traditional scientific research generally allows. This has led to the development of so-called Rapid Assessment approaches. The core of this approach is the set of Rapid Assessment and Response (RAR) guides developed by the Centre for Research on Drugs and Health Behaviour at the Imperial College in London for WHO and UNAIDS. Trimbos Institute and CVO refined this method and built a data management tool to enable people who are not scientifically trained to use RAR. This resulted in this manual to map problematic substance use quickly and accurately and generate priorities and ideas for interventions.

Category: Rapid assessment and response (RAR)
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