Richard Braam


Evaluation Guide

Effective Evaluation An introduction for grass-root organisations

This short guide has been designed to help people who are working in the field to do evaluations. With some simple tools everyone can evaluate a project. This manual will introduce grassroots fieldworkers to various ways on how to evaluate their projects regularly.

©2013 CVO & De Regenboog Groep / Correlation Network

Franz Trautmann, Richard Braam, Bob Keizer, Mario Lap



On request of the Luxembourg Ministry of Health, the Trimbos Institute has conducted an evaluation of the National Drug Action Plan of Luxembourg (2005-2009).

This evaluation report starts with a summary, followed by chapter 2 with a short description of the objectives, structure and priorities of the Strategy and the Action Plan. Based on this we have identified the key questions and guiding principles for the evaluation.

The third chapter describes the project methodology and activities.

In chapter 4 a balance sheet of the actions and progress is presented, based on a survey (questionnaires) among stakeholders. Chapter 5 describes the results of a SWOT analysis based on interviews with stakeholders, while chapter 6 follows with a discussion on findings.

Finally, recommendations are made in chapter 7.