Preventie en harm reduction


HIV/AIDS PREVENTION AND CARE AMONG INJECTING DRUG USERS IN PRISON SETTINGS IN ESTONIA, LATVIA AND LITHUANIA The case study of Marijampole Correction House in Lithuania Executive summary March 2008

The main objective of this project is the identification of the attitudes and knowledge of prisoners and prison officers regarding narcotic substances; mapping drug use problems for planning long-term activities in the field of drug use and HIV prevention in prisons, including suggestions for the development of appropriate health promotion and risk reduction programmes. The target group for this project are adult male prisoners serving their sentences in camp type prison and having problems and/or running health risks because of drug use and drug related risk behaviour. To start the assessment one prison was selected as target setting: Marijampole Correction House. The methodology and results of this project can be a starting point for further assessment and response in the other Lithuanian prisons.

Young people & injecting drug use in selected countries of Central and Eastern Europe


Jean-Paul Grund (Addiction Research Centre, Utrecht, and the Hague Department of Public Health, the Netherlands); Simona Merkinaite (Eurasian Harm Reduction Network (EHRN)).


Executive summary: Misha Hoekstra (independent consultant, Denmark); Chapter 1: Jean-Paul Grund and Simona Merkinaite; Chapter 2: Marion Nickolai (independent consultant, the Netherlands), Jean-Paul Grund, and Simona Merkinaite; Chapter 3: Damon Barrett (International Harm Reduction Association (IHRA)); Chapter 4: Caitlin Padgett (Youth Resources/Information/Support/Education (Youth RISE)), Jean-Paul Grund, and Simona Merkinaite; Chapter 5: David Otiashvili (Union Alternative Georgia), Jean-Paul Grund and Simona Merkinaite; Chapter 6: Jean-Paul Grund.